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Personality traits define the nature of a specific character. Your character has a cool name that is "ok." But without a defined personality, your character will not gain long-lasting attention. Remembering a name for a long time is hard, but it is easy to remind anyone by their personality.This tool will help to define personality info for a character in the story.

There are many reasons to utilize the tool for your success. The first benefit you will get is perfection. No one is perfect! But hold my buddy. This tool will help you select a character witha perfect personality.

The tool provides a choice to generate the personality of your wish. While writing the story, you imagined a character with specific nature, physical appearance, and many things. This tool will make your imagination more clear. If you feel that the character is not matching/fitting in a story scene, you can use the generator to modify a personality. The tool will consider either positive ornegatives aspects and generates a complete perfect trait profile accordingly.

Phillip Tom Blast
27 Year old
very tall

What does the tool do?

tool uses advanced technology that will deliver you satisfying results. The results generator generated includes the following details:

  • Name: It is the first term that appears on the results page. The tool will generate random names for your character. Choose a name that suits your imagination character.

  • Gender: Generator will define whether your character should be male or female base on the generated name. So you will get the ideas for both sexes.

  • Age: The age of your characters will define randomly by the tool itself. Later you can modify it as per your script demand. The generated age results are numerical.

  • Positive: The bright side of your character will be defined in the positive column. A character can be happy, joyful, intelligent, etc. The positive side of your story character isdefined using adjectives.

  • Negative: Here, you will get the pessimistic nature of your character. It is also defined using adjective words. For example sad, boring, unstable, etc.

  • Eye color: If your character belongs to a specific country, you can define his/her eye color here. Suppose a character belongs to Italy, then the character's eye color could be green, light green.

  • Hair color: If you want to show your character more heroic, you can give him/her a decent hair color.

  • Personality: Personality helps to remember a character for a long time. Every script demands a special personality that will define your story character deeply. This tool will help you fulfill script demand.

  • Height: The physical appearance of a character is defined here, and The height range from tall, short, or medium.

  • Friendliness: Here, you will get the idea about the behavior of character with others. Your character could be friendly, jealous, happy, or uncomfortable with others.

  • Self-controlled: Is your character hyper or calm? Know here. It is about How long your character can handle emotions according to the situations.

  • Loyal: The tool also gives an idea about the nature of character with others.

  • Honesty: Honesty is the best quality. Does your character have this quality of being verifiable with others? Find out here.

  • Emotional capacity: Want to give your character an emotional quotient? Get the idea from here. Define whether the character is sensitive, merciless, cruel, or else.

  • Trust: How worthy is your character? You could define this factor to provide more specific character information.

  • Background: Here, you will get more detailed information about your character. You can define the family, job, business, education of your character using this tool.

  • Education: Here, you will get an idea about the educational qualification of your character. The detail about The university, high school, certificates, achievements has been given here.

  • Social class: You will get the socioeconomic status of your character in this section. Utilize the tool and identify the social status of your story character.

  • Here, you get the idea of how useful this tool/generator can be. The tool is convenient for the writer looking for the perfect character for their fictional story. You only need to copy the resultsgenerated from the application. It is the next-level advanced tool that delivers results with no duplication. Hence one can utilize this tool without any hesitation to give the story a boost and make your character more successful.

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