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Generate the fake telegram chats and fool your friends. The fake chats will help to free yourself from irritating people. It is much easy to create "fake" chats for telegram using this tool. What you only need one profile picture and some messages that you want to show to your friends.

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The tool allows you to change anything like battery percentage, time, name, status, and even messages. You can change chats from both people (person 1 and person 2), i.e., sender and receiver. In the toolbar, type in a message and click on add message. Select the message status to none, sent, delivered, or read. Then click on add a message. You will get the preview of that message on the right. Check if the results are satisfactory, and then download the snapshot on your device.

You can use various emojis for your chats. Also, don't forget to transfer profile picture to make your profile look realistic. Though the result is AI-generated, it will be tough to differentiate fake chats from real ones.

The tool is just for fun and individual use. Using the tool for fraudulent purposes may put you at higher risk. You could face punishment in such a case. Also, use copyright-free images for commercial usage to get rid of a copyright claim.

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