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Facebook chat generator will help you to create a replica of Facebook chats. Users can generate fake Facebook chat without even having a social profile. A user needs to upload the profile photo to make it look like a real one. You can change ANYTHING like time, battery percentage, Receivers name, even Both (person 1 and person 2) chats. The tool will give you a Desktop, mobile, and tablet preview of the results generated. Later download those results as an image on your device.

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Utilize the tool to kill your boredom. Show the generated chats to your close colleagues and family and make them an idiot for a while. The generated Facebook chats are so original that it will be difficult for everyone to differentiate between real and fake ones. You have a lot of choices. The best thing about using this tool is you can generate chats as per your imagination and want. But remember to check the preview so that the output is satisfactory. If you download it without crosscheck, you will not be able to edit it later. Hence make sure to take a look before downloading. Either create "new" fake chats. Make use of this tool to have some fun with your buddies.

Remember, the tool is for individual use. We warn you not to use this with the hurting intention. Also, there might be some images with copyright usage. If you use those images for commercial purposes, you may have to face huge trouble. Using copyright-free images can be the best option in such cases. Hence we strongly recommend you to use the image from the websites that provide images at no cost.

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