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Snapchat is a great application for chatting in free time with friends. Generate your own fake Snapchat chats and show them to your friends. Their reaction will be hilarious. It is easy to use a generator. All you need is a picture for your profile and messages you want to show to your friends.

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The tool comes with various customization options, and You can change anything like time, battery percentage, name, and chat day. Users can generate chats not only for both android and but also for iPhone layout. You can Type messages of both people (person 1 and person 2), i.e., sender and receiver. Then click on add a message. You can see the preview on the right to check spelling errors. You can also download the output on your device like desktop, tablet, and mobile. Use various emojis as you use in reals chats. Don't forget to upload a profile picture so that your profile looks real.

The tool is just for fun and individual use. You can use fake chats for prank purposes and kill boredom. Using the tool with fraud intention might cause punishment. For commercial practice, use copyright-free images to avoid copyright claims. Also, the generator is not a little bit related to Snapchat.

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