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Name is the identity of an individual. When registering on a social platform, you need to fill up the name to display on your profile. It is the first step of your social presence. Today, gaming platforms are gaining popularity among youngsters along with social media. The era of online games results in competition among gamers, and every gamer needs an attractive name for their gaming platform.

Before setup any gaming account, you need to select a cool name for your profile. It is mind racking task to search or create a unique name. You can use the generator to find the fantastic name for your gaming avatar.

It is simple to operate the tool. You just need to fill up some information mentions in the form and click on the "Write me some fantasy name" Button. The tool is capable of generating a hundred results at a time.

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How to generate fantasy names?

Steps to generate fantasy names using our tool are easy and straightforward. You need to go through the four following steps to create:

1. Type the number of names you wish to create for your profile. You can type Number varies from ten to a hundred.

2. Select the gender so that tool will be more specific while generating name ideas. The toolprovides an option to create names for both genders, male and female.

3. Enter random seed idea. Seed words can be adjectives, verbs, or nouns that define your character. For example, you can type dragon, fireball, bomb, evil, etc., and the tool will generate on that basis.

4. Click on the "Write me some fantasy name" button, and the results will display on the screen.

Want it simple? The tool Will generate a different result for you that will be unique and stand outfrom real names. The names are generator on various factors: seed word you type is one factor. After you fill the seed word, the AI processes information and extracts the most unique synonyms. Later those words are organized well, giving you out killer name.

Who Can operate the fantasy generator for benefit?

The tool will help many in different ways. All credit goes to the artificial intelligence that functions quickly, making your work easy.


Gamers can utilize the tool to choose a hazardous-feel name for their profile. We have to be quitecareful before choosing a name to become a successful gamer.

In gaming competition, a gamer is identified not by his real name but by a gaming name. Hence every gamer needs to have a special name that makes a powerful impression in the gaming fan's eye. The tool will solve the gamer's problem within a click. The tool helps to choose a name that stands apart from your competitor.

Game Developers

Behind every successful game, there is the developer's hard work. Some developers fly off their sleep to develop a game. Most popular online games like Fortnite, PUBG run on different characters. Such characters required a name that will define their role in the game.

Here, the tool will find out the best names for your gaming character or avatar. The tool can find out names for various games or characters. For example, if your game is a shooting relater, sudoku, or racing game, the tool will generate names matching with game features.

If your character is a shooter, the generator will extract the best aggressive names. Similarly, if your game is designed especially for girls, the generator will find lovely names for barbie dolls.

Game Event

Organizing and managing an event is not an easy task. Hosting a gaming event, we have to take care of various factors. The name is one of them. But don't worry. The fantasy name generator is here to help you out. You can utilize the tool to search for the best names for your gaming event.

The tool will generate the lists of names for an event. You have a choice to select any that suits your demand.

So it the time time to squeeze the benefits of using a tool. So don't waste time and money hiring a copywriter. Avoid denying the features and the usage of the tool. Generate goosebumps names and give your career a boost as a gamer.

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