Fake Android Hangouts Message Generator

Having fake messages can sometimes be very helpful. Showing those false messages can help you to get rid of a stupid person. This tool can be a helping hand for you. You can generate your fake chats to fool your friends for a while using this tool.

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It is easy to use. The tool allows users to modify the layout. You can change the battery percentage, time, name, user status, and the chats of both persons. Use different emojis to keep messages more realistic. Every time you add a new message, a preview will appear to the right. Later you can download a snapshot of those results on your device like desktop, tablet, and smartphone.

Remember, the tool is secure for individual use. Using this illegally will put you at higher risk. Also, the generator is not the slightest bit related to android hangouts messenger. All graphical material rights are own by the proprietor.

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