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Passwords can act as a security shield for personal, business, or organization account. Hence generating a strong password is essential to avoid hackers from attack. Almost every people aren't aware of the consequences of using weak passwords (Except professionals and ethical hackers). To keep your account safe from black hat hackers, utilizing a strong password is a must.

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Hacking proof password does not include birth date, name, or place. Either most have a habit of using "qwerty" as a password for their social media account. They are much easy to pass through.

Even growing organizations face the worst side effect of getting hacked. 76% of US businesses have undergone cyber attacks. Password is the top suggestion of the cyber department.

The password generator tool will generate a strong password. You can utilize that on social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Tumblr, etc. Also, use those passwords in official or individual email accounts like yahoo, Gmail, or Hotmail.

The tool will generate a password based on many criteria as your need. You can select lowercase or upper case characters, symbols, and numbers while creating a password. Also, don't forget to set the password length to 12 characters. Passwords with 12-15 characters are considered to be good enough. You can get 20 results at a time.

After going through all options and selecting appropriate options as per your want, the output will popup on the screen. Remember, the more options you pick, the more secure password will be. Later download the results in JSON, XML, or CSV file format. Remember, don't forget to download as they are difficult to remember by humans. A solid password is the benefit of this tool's feature.

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