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A Name defines a character. People's perspective depends on one's name. A person is a judge by his/her name. Utilize the tool to generate a name of a person. It is difficult to think of and unique and fantastic name. While writing novels or books, the character is defined first. Having a name that will justify or a clear idea of your character is necessary. Thinking about names for your character takes time. Utilize the tool to save time. The tool will not cost your time. It is a very straightforward tool To generate the first and last name of human or book characters.

You can use those names for your social profile like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. You can also use those instead of exposing your real name. For example, While writing a review, many websites ask to type in a Name. Instead of typing your name, you can use these generated names.


The special feature of using this tool is that you can save the results on your desktop, tablet, or smartphone pretty easily. JSON, XML, or CSV are the file format to download. You can use them for the future. 20 names can be generated At a time.

So the name generator will generate the names for different circumstances you desire. Hence utilize the tool to give a character an unique identity. You can get both male and female names. Use those names and create an avatar for a social network, eCommerce website, or email accounts. Use the tool and make your choice smarter in name selection for any occasion.

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