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Like android, you can generate fake hangout messenger chats for iPhone layout too. It is a very straightforward tool to use. You can change ANYTHING. The generator allows you to modify battery percentage, time, name, and user status. You can also change chats of both people, i.e., sender and receiver. Use various emojis to keep messages more real. It will look great and work better after uploading a profile picture.

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Each time you carry out a particular activity on the toolbar, the results preview changes. That preview is to make sure the results are correct. Later you can download the output on your device like desktop, tablet, and smartphone.

Fake messages may help to get rid of toxic people. You can use those messages to fool your friends too. One cannot differentiates results from real ones. Social media page owners may utilize a tool for the content purpose. Grab the feature and have some fun.

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However, it is necessary to be aware of website policies. AI doesn't encourage illegal activity. The fun is the just and real/true purpose of the tool. Also, make sure to use copyright-free images for commercial usage as some images might be copyright subjected. Utilizing at an individual level is a secure option in such a case.

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