Have you ever think about a website that will protect your social life from fraud and suspicious activities? But, one can assure you that it will diffidently protect your social platforms from spammers.

Welcome to fakeinfo.net, the only platform which says you can use all fake information on your social platforms to protect yourself!

I know you have seen many platforms that give you access to generating random personal information to create another social profile to protect the real one. But fake info is not like that. Fakeinfo.net generates the fake data you asked for, employing that: if you want to create a fake Facebook post, you can make it here and download the actual screenshot as shown on the Facebook post page and make it viral.

The purpose behind making this tool is for educational purposes, for those who want to protect their identity from spammers and who want to protect their actual social media profile.

You know! Adding personal information to any website might turn out to be a security threat for us. It frightens you from spam emails that can be pretty frustrating. This tool will generate fake but well-organized information for you to pretend as a natural person.

The generated results are as quick as blinking an eye as our algorithm process fast using database input. The output is not just limited to name, address, or email. The tool will also bring out fake Instagram posts, youtube channels, IMEI numbers, Driver's license, and even fake generated chats with complete access to download and share the generated data.

User has the freedom to customize the generated details a per their needs. Utilize the tools for genuine use and lead yourself to an anti-spamming world with zero risks of exposing accurate information and test various site<-->server basic validation techniques.

Please note that this tool is not built for spammers, and it does not take any credit for any spammy activity done by using this tool. We already cleared that this tool is for protecting your privacy, not breaching others.

For any doubts or queries, you can get to us by using the contact us page.

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