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Generate your Dream post using this fantastic tool. Facebook post generator can be the best option to generate false yet similar posts. You have various choices. You have the facility to create posts for both android and iPhone layout. It is the best tool to confuse your friends or relatives for a while. Utilize the tool and conduct various experiments for fun.

The best feature of this tool is that you can customize anything according to your need. You can type your name and write the post upload time. The tool provides you a choice to select various post options like video, image, and text. Even you can change the post's visibility status either to the public or friends. Select profile picture and complete profile creation. Upload the image or video for your post Either write text. You can use various emojis while writing text. It is not enough of this tool. The advanced feature is that users can increase or decrease the like and comment count of posts, as you find suitable.

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You can use emoticons/smileys in message

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Live preview

The preview of the result generated is right below the page. You will get a preview for both desktop and mobile. Take a look at the preview and download the post as an Image if it is satisfactory. The tool is also friendly with all devices like desktop, smartphone, and tablet.

Remember, Some images might subject to copyright. Using such images may put you in huge trouble when used for commercial purposes. Hence, we recommend you download copyright-free images from the internet to avoid copyright claims. Also, utilize a tool for fun purposes on an individual level. The use of this tool is secure until you go against any illegal policies. The generated results may not as accurate as of the original Facebook but slightly different.

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